(Preview) UX/CX Redesign: JFDL Hospitality Group


About the Project:

After nearly 10 years of successful operation, this family-run hospitality chain was rapidly losing ground to larger competitors entering the marketplace. Looking to reconnect with established patrons while attracting new families moving into the area, the entire customer-experience was mapped out to identify touchpoints that needed to be introduced or updated.

During this user/customer (UX/CX) redesign process, this business experienced explosive growth and set the industry standard for the area until it was sold for over three times its initial valuation.

My Role:

I was the Lead UX/CX Designer for this project, working directly with ownership, management, staff, and customers to create a seamless, industry-class hospitality experience.

Although very challenging, this project was a great opportunity to bring user-experience design to a larger business context, and generated incredible results for both the business and their customers.


  • 31% increase in sales.
  • 25% reduction in operating costs.
  • Drastic increase in new customer attendence and retention.
  • Increased brand perception and customer-loyalty.