(Preview) UX Strategy & Digital Product Delivery: Morgan Lewis


About the Project:

Collecting over $2 billion in annual billings, Morgan Lewis is one of the world's largest law firms. With this success has come the on-going challenges of a large organization delivering timely and effective results to their client.

Facing new complexities and an evolving legal landscape, the firm was looking to create new products to deliver industry-class solutions for clients around the world.

My Role:

I was brought on to a newly-formed UX team to help with the development of several digital products, and to establish a framework for future UX efforts.

This role presented the opportunity to work with diverse product teams in an Agile environment, and introduce them to a UX design framework in order to improve project outcomes for thousands of Morgan Lewis employees.


  • Completed design of $12M eData Web App.
  • Developed Content & Analytics Strategies.
  • Designed Mobile/Tablet "Directory" Apps.
  • Developed and implemented Research Ops guide.