(Preview) Public Housing Website Redesign: Toronto Community Housing


About the Project:

Facing an unprecidented rise in housing prices over the last several years, the Toronto Community Housing corporation needed a more efficient way to provide placement, support, and third-party vendor services to over 164,000 city residents.

This redesign focused on making a comprehensive array of services easy to access and understand, thereby reducing costs and inefficiencies in other areas (i.e. call-center volume and efficiency, emails, etc.).

My Role:

Working with several mentors as part of the Springboard UX Design program, I led the full UX design process consisting of research, design, and validation phases to redesign the Toronto Community Housing website.

This redesign presented an opportunity to make critical housing services more accessible, thereby making a significant difference within the organization itself while helping low-income families across the city.


  • Fully-responsive website redesign.
  • 90% increase in successful task completion.
  • 50% average reduction in task time.