(Online Course Review) Bootstrap 4 Basics, 2017 Version


Review Published: December 14th, 2017.

From the Treehouse online platform, comes an easy-to-follow course that introduces the Bootstrap 4 web framework.

Taught by web expert and teacher, Guil Hernandez, this course covers the history, basic functionality, and some advanced features of the framework, and leaves students ready to tackle more complex features on their own.


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(Great Content, Presentation is Clear)


Moderate to Difficult (Prior knowledge of HTML, CSS, and jQuery are needed).


2-3 hours (approx.).

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The Good

  • Content is comprehensive; from installing Bootstrap to utilizing advanced features, this course will get you ready to rapidly prototype/develop beautiful websites on your own.
  • Course is updated frequently; while taking this course, Treehouse updated several videos to deal with changes in early Bootstrap 4 releases, and this process took less than a week.
  • Step-by-step instruction & Help; the instructor takes you through each step, and any gaps in presentation are usually solved quickly and easily through the Q&A sections for each section.

The Bad

  • Instructor can move too fast; while not often the case, Guil can brush over things a bit too quickly (these instances are usually caught and addressed in the course Q&A sections).

The Bottom Line

  • A great investment; whether you're a UX designer looking to upgrade your coding skills, or a budding developer looking to work faster, this course delivers a strong value.
  • Great for UX designers; designers that need to be able to create native web prototypes will find this course invaluable, without it being too technically dense.
  • Be comfortable with web tech first; be sure to have a solid working knowledge of HTML, CSS, and (optionally) Javascript/jQuery to get the most out of this course.
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